Wedding in Portugal & Majorque

Sea Bride and Sun assist you on all the steps of your wedding planning process in Portugal or Majorque. Destination wedding is our speciality.

Wedding abroad, or wedding destination, is our specialty!
Wedding in Majorque and Portugal.

Export our know-how beyond the borders for your greatest pleasure.

We propose to accompany you in the organization of your wedding where you dream it.
We already have a network on the island of Majorque and Portugal (Lisbon, Cintra, Alentejo and Algarve), two great destinations!

We take care of the whole organization process!
From research of the wedding venue, to the validation of each provider while passing by the logistics of the trip.

Our method is well-run and efficient, 1 to 2 short stays on site will be necessary to customize your event and finalize your choices.

Destination wedding Portugal & Majorca

The wedding destination experience is first and foremost the desire to live an unforgettable experience!
From the first day of preparation to the day of departure, everything is magic and excitement.
The idea to unite in a different setting and to make your guests live a totally unusual wedding!

Out of the ordinary your wedding day turns into a real adventure.
The possibility for those you love to escape a few days, discover new landscapes and let yourself be carried.

Au Portugal et à Majorque, nous disposons d’un large réseau de villas modernes ou plus traditionnelles pouvant accueillir votre joli jour.
Cette solution permet très souvent de loger une partie de vos invités sur place et de garder toute la liberté voulue quant à l’organisation de votre mariage.
Certains lieux de réception prestigieux et incontournables répondent aussi à notre philosophie et sou seront présentés.
Enfin, une poignée de luxueux hôtels font également partie de notre carnet d’adresses et proposent un cadre féerique pour votre mariage.

We will select the most competent wedding providers to make your day unforgettable.
We have two offices in Portugal and Mallorca and our teams on site work all year round to make your event a success.
We assist you in all stages of the organization of your wedding but also in all the logistics of the trip.
Here are the details of our services:

Wedding planner Majorque and Portugal

  • VENUE FIND : We will find the perfect wedding venue that will host your wedding.
    Villa, hotel, « fincas » or « quintas », we have an address book that will delight you.
  • SELECTION AND MANAGEMENT OF PROVIDERS: We will propose a selection of privileged providers who will compose the team of your wedding.
    Local providers or international providers, the goal is to meet your desires!
  • MONITORING THE BUDEGT: We will ensure the respect of the marriage budget defined together.
  • STYLE & SCENOGRAPHY: We will create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding, Pinterest is our best ally.
  • CONCIERGERIE GUESTS: We can manage the travel, accommodation and activities of your guests.
    We accompany you in all the logistics of the wedding.
  • CREATION AND MANAGEMENT OF THE PLANNING DAY : We will be the guarantors of the respect of the planning of your day.
  • COORDINATION DAY D: Our team will be full on the day to ensure the smooth running of your day and your happiness.
    Our teams speak French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Anne-Sophie Amsellem

Sea Bride & Sun